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Piezo nanopositioning stages can be designed to provide longer travel ranges than traditionally available from piezoelectric actuators. PI's patented PiezoWalk motors provide high force, long travel ranges and high resolution at the same time. Another concept is based on a hybrid motor/screw and piezo combination.

N-664 / N-565 Nanopositioning Stage with PiezoWalk Motor: up to 52mm Travel

Piezo Nanopositioning Linear Stage with PiezoWalk Moter
  • Long Travel up to 52mm
  • PiezoWalk Precision Linear Motor: Self-Locking at Rest, no Heat Generation, no Servo Dither
  • Low Profile Only 20mm
  • 0.5 Nanometer Resolution High Precision Linear Encoder
  • Two Operating Modes: Continuous Stepping Mode and Continuously Variable, High-Dynamics Analog Mode for up to 30 picometers Resolution
  • Force Generation to 10N (2 lbs)

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Long-Travel Hybrid Piezo/Servo Nanopositioning Concept

  • Hybrid Piezo + Servo Drives Combining the best of Two Worlds
  • Exceptional Responsiveness and Smoothness
  • Reliable Execution of Nanometer Size Increments
  • Millisecond Settling Time to Nanometer Precision
  • Sub-Nanometer Resolution Feasible
  • Frictionless Piezo Drive and Flexure-Decoupled Ballscrew
  • Active Compensation of Backlash and Stick/Slip Effects
  • Excellent Velocity Control
    The PI Hybrid Nanopositioning concept combines the long Positioning Ranges and high holding forces of a servo-motor/ballscrew stages with the high resolution of piezo drives.
    The concept is used in 2000 actuators for the ELT telescope providing
  • Hybrid Piezo Nanopositioning Linear Stage

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    PIHera? Compact Long Travel Piezo Flexure Stages: to 1800?m

    Piezo Nanopositioning Stage Long Travel Flexure

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    • Positioning Range to 1.8 mm
    • High-Precision, yet Cost-Efficient
    • To 0.1 Nanometer Resolution
    • Direct Metrology & Capacitive Feedback for Highest Stability & Linearity
    • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
    • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA? Piezo Actuators
    • X-, XY-, Z-, XYZ Versions
    • Vacuum Versions Available

    PIHera? long travel piezo stages feature Positioning Ranges to 1800 microns. Despite the long Positioning Ranges, the units are compact and provide rapid response and high guiding precision.

    P-602 Long-Travel Piezo Flexure Actuator: To 1000 ?m Travel

    • Compact & Cost Efficient
    • Up to 1000 ?m Travel Range
    • High Stiffness

    P-602 PiezoMove flexure-guided piezo nanopositioning actuators are based on a frictionless high-efficiency flexure motion amplifier and provide large travel ranges up to 1 millimeter with high stiffness and very fast response.

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    P-602 Linear Actuator , Long travel Flexure Stage

    Long Travel Piezo-Hexapod: 10mm / 6?

    N-515 Non-Magnetic Hexapod
    • 6-Axis Piezo Positioner
    • PiezoWalk Motors
    • Travel Ranges 10 mm Linear, 6? Rotation
    • 202 mm (8") Clear Aperture
    • Non-Magnetic
    • Nanometer Resolution
    • Low-Profile: 140 mm Height Only
    • Parallel Kinematics for Enhanced Dynamics and Better Multi-Axis Accuracy
    • Up to 500 N Force Generation
    • Self Locking at Rest, No Heat Generation

    This non-magnetic 6-axis positioner combines the advantages of the parallel-kinematic hexapod approach with the precision and stiffness of the NEXLINE? piezowalk linear motors. It can handle large loads and automatically locks the position when powered off. The piezo drives do not exhibit magnetic fields and at the same time are not affected by magnetic or electric fields.
    More on Special Hexapods

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    P-587 6-Axis Long-Travel Piezo Flexure Nanopositioning Stage, to 800?m/10mrad

    P-587 Long Travel 6-Axis Stage
    • 800 x 800 x 200 ?m Linear Range, up to 10mrad Rotation
    • For Surface Metrology, Scanning and Positioning in all Six Degrees of Freedom
    • Parallel-Kinematics / Metrology for Enhanced Responsiveness / Multi-Axis Precision
    • Direct Metrology with Capacitive Sensors for Highest Stability & Linearity
    • Longlife Lifetime PICMA? Piezo Multilayer Actuators Frictionless, High- Enhanced Responsiveness & Multi-Axis Precision: Parallel Kinematics / Metrology
    • Active Trajectory Control in All 6 Degrees of Freedom

    The P-587.6CD is a unique, highly accurate, 6-axis scanning and positioning system based on piezo flexure drives. It provides a linear travel range of 800 x 800 x 200 ?m and rotation ranges up to 10 mrad.

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